Shaun Jordan

  • DB Room
  • Boise St DB, Mentor & Defensive Director since 2015 Mentor to many, Director of Strive Giving
  • National, Bay Area

Eric Colvin

  • DB Room
  • High School DB Coach 10 + years DB Specialist, Coordinator
  • Sacramento, Bay Area

James Taylor

  • DB/LB Room
  • Tennessee St DB, High School coach Tennessee,North Bay, Sacramento, Specializes in DB Fundamentals
  • North Bay, Elk Grove, Tennesse

Gabe Lemon

  • DB Room
  • San Diego St DB, High School Coach, trainer specializes in Fundamentals of DB play, speed training, Body mechanics & recovery Owner - G6 Performance Training
  • Sacramento

John Miller

  • WR Room
  • Juco & High School Wr Coach, Speed Trainer. Director of Route Mechanics Premier WR Specific Training program in Sacramento
  • Sacramento, Stockton

Jarrett Jordan

  • Offensive Strategy RB/QB Room
  • Offensive Strategy Specialist, Juco RB Coach, High School Offensive Coordinator, NFL Scout Owner - Xtra Scouts
  • QB National, Indiana

Aaron Garcia

  • QB Room
  • Washimgton St / Sac St QB 20 Year Arena League Hall Of Fame QB, High School Athletic Director & Offensive Coordinator. Sacramento Legend
  • Sacramento

Terrance Leonard

  • Offensive Coordinator
  • 20 Year High Schhol Head Coach & Offensive Coordinator, Founder, Director of TMP Elite Sports, Community Activist, Mentor with 1 responsibilty of providing a foundation for our Future Leaders.
  • National

Dexter Simmons

  • Middle School Coordinator
  • Youth Football Head Coach & Mentor.
  • Middle School Sacramento

Chris Collins

  • Strength Coach
  • Letterman Track & Field Bethune Cookman Former Strength Coach Bethune Cookman, Current Strength Coach Desert Edge High School

Mike Johnson Jr

  • Wr Room/Speed & Conditioning Trainer
  • Wr Sac St, son of former Dallas Cowboy WR Butch Johnson, Former Juco WR Coach & Pass Game Coordinator, Owner - Playmakers Elite training facilty. NFL Pro Day Coach.
  • Middle School Sacramento

Joe Beachum

  • DB Coach
  • American Canyon Defensive Coordinator
  • Middle School Sacramento

Marcus Riley

  • LB Coach
  • Former NFL Player & Division 1 College Coach